Cast Iron Teapots

Cast Iron Teapots

December 05, 2017

Their Appearance, Designed as much for their visual appeal as for their practicality, cast iron teapots are a graceful ornament to your décor. Evolved to be quite intricate with different shades and colors and various decorative elements, as well as a variety of shapes and sizes.

 Durability If you’ve ever had one of those ‘oops’ moments no explanation is needed here. We all probably have had a ceramic, bone china, stoneware, or glass, chipped or missing a spout, handle, or lid. A cast iron teapot could survive just about anything you do to it except tossing it into an erupting volcano. Pig iron forms the basis for cast iron. While it is being melted, scrap iron and steel are often thrown into the mix. Impurities such as sulfur are subtracted, leaving an end product that is about 95% iron and various percentages of carbon, silicon, and traces of other elements. Cast iron teapots are not too heavy and wash up easily with warm water and a mild, unscented soap. You should be sure to dry them thoroughly after washing.

Atmosphere! It is not just the stunning visual of a cast iron teapot that appeals, but also the atmosphere created when using one. You have to slow down and take a little more time. You have to pay a little more attention to the tea steeping process. And the pouring of the steeped tea is in itself a small ceremony done with care and patience.


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